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Japanese dishes and Japanese alcohol. 
St.Olavs Gate 7, 0165 Oslo

Open monday to saturday 17-01
(alcohol served until 00.30)
The kitchen is open between 17-22
We do not take reservations.

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Q: Do you take reservations?

A: No, we never take reservations. Anyone is welcome to invite friends and celebrate birthdays etc, but we never rent out the place and we never close for private parties. We ask big groups to come when we open at five pm, as the place usually fills up fast. We cannot guarantee anyone seating after the place is filled. We have a first come first served approach, and when the place is full we write waiting lists for tables. Bigger groups will most likely wait longer than smaller groups, singles and couples.

Q: Is there limited seating?

A: No, you can sit as long as you want, but you will most likely be asked to share table with other customers.

Q: Do we have to eat?

A: No, we are a bar and we don't require anyone to eat but we might reserve the seats for eating guests when we are busy.

Q: Whats the age limit/ Can we bring kids?

A: The age limit is 21 unless you are with a parent guardian. Kids are more than welcome, but please keep in mind that we are a bar. We prefer if families with kids come as early as possible. We have no special accommodations for kids such as kid’s seats, baby chairs and or kids menu.

Q: Do you have vegetarian/vegan food?

A: Most of our food is without meat. However, we use dashi (fish broth) in some of the dishes. As this is added to certain sauces earlier in the day, it is not possible to make them without this. Out of 13 dishes 11 is without any kind of meat. 7 of these are without dashi and 4 are vegan.

Q: Do you have gluten-free food?

A: Two of the dishes are gluten-free (one is a dessert), and two other can be made gluten-free

Q: I lost something at Izakaya what do I do?

A: We have a lost and found box. If we find something we usually keep it there a couple of weeks. We have no phone so the fastest way is to drop by and ask us during opening hours. Other than this we take no responsibility for lost items.

Q: Do you do take away?

A: Nope.